Supported Bridge Pose with the Seigla Yoga Wheel

 Yoga Wheel Bridge Pose

When setting up supported bridge pose, most reach for blocks. The problem with blocks, however, is the backbend is anything but even–there is a sharp bend in the lower back, and the mid and upper back go largely untouched That tension in the lower back then travels up the spine to the mid and upper back, causing neck strain. The Siegla yoga wheel fosters a smooth, safe bend throughout the spine–as the upper, mid, and lower back are encouraged to drape evenly over the curved surface (instead of simply collapsing into the lower back. It not only encourages sustainable, happy back-bending, but also allows for greater opening in the chest, as the shoulders release to the left and right of the wheel. So instead of reaching for blocks next time you set up your supported bridge pose, try reclining on a Yoga Wheel for a smooth, invigorating–and most importantly, happy–backbend. 
Yoga Wheel Bridge Pose_1
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