Beneath that cool, calm (, sweaty) demeanor, I know what you're thinking:
How's my alignment in this pose?
Do I have the strength to get into that pose, without collapsing into my flexibility?
Wait, do I even have the flexibility?

The Seigla Yoga Wheel will, above all things, help fine-tune your alignment by assisting you in various stretches and poses. With proper alignment comes proper training and development of muscles, specifically those which help stabilize a position, which may otherwise be inhibited by incorrect form.

With properly trained and developed muscles, the Seigla Yoga wheel helps increase overall strength and flexibility, bringing a heightened mindful awareness of your own capacity as well as less potential for injuries. The Seigla Yoga wheel can also be used for poses that will challenge even the most advanced yogi, taking your bends to another level.

But no matter your level, your goals or your reasons, just know that the Seigla Yoga Wheel has got your back (your chest, your arms, your shoulders, your hips, you knees, your legs, your abs, your ankles...)